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2014 Mayan Calendar

Proceeds support Maya Exploration Center, a non-profit research and education center. Pre-order the 2014 calendar today for shipping on November 1st. The calendar hangs 11" x 17" when open.
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December 21, 2012 has officially passed and with it another apocalyptic myth has been dispelled. The Maya Long Count calendar continues, now with a 13 in its bak'tuns position for the next 394 years.

This calendar is authored by Dr. Ed Barnhart, an archaeologist with over 20 years of experience studying Maya mathematics, astronomy and hieroglyphics. It reads like a normal Gregorian calendar, but each date block also includes the Maya "calendar round", a pair of hieroglyphs providing the dates in the sacred Tzolk'in and solar Haab calendars. The Long Count, the ancient Maya linear count of days, appears at the bottom of each month.
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